Horinger officials talk up "intelligent indusrip wristbandstry"

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Officials attend the contract signing ceremony at the 1st Inner Mongolia (Horinger New District) Intelligent Industry Summit in Hohhot on Jan 19, 2018. [Photo provided to chinadailly.com.cn]

A summit centralized on industrial innovation and development was convened in Horinger (Helinge"er) new district, Hohhot, on Jan 19, gathering over 1,200 officials, experts and entrepreneurs to hold detailed discussions and hunt for potential partners.

"Intelligent industry" is the name given to a new generation of information and technology sciences including big data, cloud computing, internet of things and artificial intelligence –– technologies which have a tendency to influence all aspects of economic and social development, and become a new engine for transforming and upgrading local industrial structures, according to Feng Yuzhen, mayor of Hohhot municipal government and the secretary of Horinger Party working committee.

Horinger new district has built a national-level cloud computing base with the capacity to run nearly 700,000 servers, and the local government has provided supportive polices to encourage intelligent technologies to boost emerging industries including new materials, clean energy, traditional Mongolian medicine, logistics and tourism, added Feng.

Feng Yuzhen, mayor of Hohhot municipal government, delivers a speech at the 1st Inner Mongolia (Horinger New District) Intelligent Industry Summit in Hohhot on Jan 19, 2018. [Photo provided to chinadailly.com.cn]

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