"People who miss thecustom awareness braceletsir stops have only themselves to blame"

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People wait for buses at a bus stop in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, on Oct 23, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

I have been driving a bus for nine years and have experienced arguments on board nearly every day.

I heard about the Chongqing accident, and in my view all passengers using buses I drive who miss their stops have only themselves to blame. People nowadays like to fiddle with their phones on the bus and often miss hearing the reminder for their stop.

There was one occasion when I refused to let a passenger off at a place where there was no bus stop. He shouted and insulted me, saying: "What else can you do apart from drive? You are destined to be just a driver for your whole life."

Last year, I refused to open the bus door for a man of about 60 who was waiting in the middle of nowhere, and who was using a crutch. After he caught up with the bus and boarded, he swung his crutch and tried to hit me but was stopped by other passengers.

Sometimes, if I open the door a little slowly or have to stop suddenly due to an emergency, someone will shout at me, blaming my "poor" driving skills.

For the first two years, I could not bear these insults and would quarrel with those who used them. But after I became used to them, I thought it through and decided to keep quiet, no matter who abused me.

Every day drivers have a 30-minute break at noon, when we discuss what has happened that day. That is both a happy time and also a time for complaints. Over the years, we have learned that since we are in a service industry, the best solution is to tolerate these incidents, remain silent and focus on our work.

I work 14 hours a day and it is exhausting. I read in the newspaper that the driver involved in the Chongqing accident had left for work at 5 am that day, so I guess that he must have got up at 4 am.

Unlike train drivers or airplane pilots, bus drivers are on the go all the time for a whole day and tire more easily. With passengers getting on and off at different places, various situations or even accidents can happen.

We try to understand passengers and I hope they consider us. I hope people observe public order and offer to take care of the elderly and weak. It is acceptable for passengers to shout at me, but brawling or other dangerous behavior should never happen.

I think a partition is needed and it can keep me safe, but as for adding security guards on buses, it will cost too much and is a waste of money.

Kong Fanchun spoke with Li Hongyang.


(China Daily 11/14/2018 page2)















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